Sunday August 1 @9am
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After You Learn These Data/Power-Number Secrets...You Will Never Train The Same Way Again.

Dear triathletes,

You can improve significantly if you learn how to take advantage of data.

So we've decided we'd like to help those who aren't our clients..

Get a "crash course" on data to be set up for maximum success. 

So does this sound like you?

  • Have you ever wondered...How to actually get DATA? And how to even use these numbers?
  • ​Have you seen power/watts when riding on ZWIFT but not sure how to use this type of data to your advantage?
  • ​Have you heard that FTP tests are important but still wondering how it all works & how to get the most accurate FTP number?
  • ​Want to know what numbers the best triathletes track (and what numbers to ignore) during training/races?
  • ​Want to know how much time you should spend riding at each power... and running in each zone?
  • ​Want us to spend a day with you to help you get your PERFECTLY accurate FTP% as well as other essential triathlon data metrics? 
  • ​And then teach you the SIMPLE way to use these numbers to train smarter, improve faster and race the best you'll ever race?? 

If you're a triathlete... 

and you said YES to any of the above...

Then this VIP coaching day with Gerard could be the most valuable training day you do.
This Is Your Chance To Get 1-on-1 Help From The Supercoach.
 Here's What Gerard's Clients Have Said:

"What if i told you there is an optimal amount of time you should spend training each ZONE to unlock rapid improvement..."

The problem is most triathletes (even experienced ones!) have no idea what their 'zones' actually are!!

This is due to a lack of accurate baseline data (power numbers in cycling + heart rate and pace p/km for running)

If this is you, it means you are essentially training blind and you're leaving huge improvements on the table.

So we're looking for 4 triathletes to come spend a short day with us..

It doesn't matter if you’re an absolute beginner triathlete who is brand new to all of this..

or if you’re an experienced triathlete who wants to go to another level.

Key Takeaways of The Day
Get your accurate baseline FTP + other power data so you can build the MOST effective training/race plan.
We will setup your GARMIN with you. So you know the numbers to watch & the ones to ignore.
Figure out your training zones for running & how long you should spend training in each zone.
Get 1on1 time with the 'supercoach' himself, Gerard Donnelly!
  • Australian Ironman Winner - 1988 
  •  ​Australian Duathlon Champ
  • ​Commonwealth Games Rep - 1990
  • 8x National Championship Gold Medals Masters Cycling 
  • 4x Time "Champion of Champions" winner
  • Most sought after masters tri coach in the country

One Day Can Change EVERYTHING For You!

If you are a triathlete that isn't using data in every second of every training session, you are simply underperforming.

Once you have this weapon on your side, you will improve faster from training, and you will be able to race at your very best almost every time. 

Interested? Here's what to do next.

Since there are only 4 spots available and we have advertised this to our podcast audience of over 2,000 people... we highly recommend booking before it sells out.

Simply, click any of the registration buttons on this page...

Then you will be taken to a checkout page where you can pay with any credit or debit card.

Once you pay, you'll be contacted by Gerard or Jordan to discuss next steps.


How Much Is It Again?
One payment of $299.
When and Where?
The day will start at 9am August 1st at Coach Gerard's house in Belgrave, VIC.
Do I Need To Live In Melbourne To Attend?
No. But since the location is 1hour east of Melbourne you must be willing to make your own way there. There is plenty of parking available at Coach Gerard's house 
Why Only 4 People?
We want to make sure each attendee is given full attention from Coach Gerard. Keeping the group small allows for an intimate and effective coaching environment.
How Long Will The Day Go For?
The day should not take longer than 4-5hours including breaks.
What about COVID-19?
In the event that COVID-19 forces us to postpone, we will simply change the day to a later date in the year.
Will You Be Providing Food?
No. Please bring food and drink to ensure you are well fuelled for the day.
Do I Need A Bike?
It's important that we test you on the bike you plan on racing. If you do not have that bike yet we suggest you do not attend.
What if I'm Injured and Can't Run?
If you'd like to complete JUST the bike section on the day, you're still welcome to attend. We think the bike training you'll go through is more than valuable enough.
Noticed You Are Not Doing Swim Testing?
Perhaps at a later event we will also do swim testing, generally it is the bike and run pacing that triathletes need the most help on improving.
Do I Need A Power Meter?
A power meter is non-negotiable. You could come without it but what are you going to do after? This day is designed around helping you make the most of POWER and DATA. Without a power meter the skills you learn will be useless.
I'm already a TriVelo Athlete.. Can I Still Attend?
Of course! Getting fresh testing done and more in depth help with your numbers will still be beneficial to you despite already living and breathing the TriVelo Training philosophy.

Leave the day finally understanding how to use data to train smarter + race faster
In Summary
This VIP Day with Ironman Winner Gerard Donnelly is the perfect opportunity for triathletes that wish to demystify the science of power numbers and training zones. 

Our professional, expert coaching will provide all attendees with accurate calculations on training zones, FTP (and more) that are all based on personalized data testing completed on the day. 

Lucky participants will finally understand which numbers MUST be focused on in training, which metrics can be ignored, and how to use this new found data to get rapid improvement.

It's a day where all four people who participate will feel like winners when you walk away with a completely new approach to training smarter and racing faster.

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